Tee Sox & Small Sox

Small Sox and Tee Sox are for children between 3-6 years of age.  Generally those on the younger end of the spectrum start with Tinyl Sox, then move to Tee Sox.  Both programs are focused on player participation and the teaching of catching, throwing, hitting and fielding.  

In Small Sox, foam bats and smaller, softer balls are used.  Then, in Tee Sox, batting is off a tee and aluminum bats are used, with a larger 10.5 inch soft rubber ball.  Additionally, all players get to bat and field throughout the game, as well as enhancing participation and above all, fun. Tee Sox and Tiny Sox last approximately 45 minutes and commence at 9 am on Saturdays.

Encouragement and praise is important at this level, and parents are very much encouraged to participate to both help their children have fun, as well as learning skills to help their children at home if their child is keen.

By also keeping parents actively involved and aware of the reasons why we do things, is encouraging more parents into coaching tee ball teams and to furthering their skills as their children progress through the grades.

Uniforms are supplied on loan for the season.  Club caps can be purchased and gloves are available for purchase from the club at reasonable rates.

Season commences October 30th 2021 and goes through to mid March 2022 with school holidays off in between.