Join our coaches who are have been involved with the Premier grade and/or NZ White Sox/Black Sox in our Softball Winter skill sessions!  The sessions will run on Sundays either at The Fieldhouse Pakuranga, Howick Intermediate, or the Howick Softball Club and will cover a range of softball topics. 

Topics include: hitting mechanics, baserunning, defensive skills, mental game, game strategy/situations, and communication. In addition, the hitting segments will include instruction, pitch selection, power hitting and video analysis so the players can leave the Academy with specific work-ons and exercises for their swing.

There will be 2 groups this year: General Skills (8-14) and High Performance (12 and up/rep players). Players must apply for and be selected by the facilitators for the High Performance group. Our goal is to ensure that all age groups are provided with adequate instruction on all skills and leave with a better idea of what it means to play softball and prepare themselves as athletes. 

Cost: $160 ($20/session) for 8 x 2-hour sessions of skills, drills, and mental preparation for the upcoming 2021-22 season. This is an 8 week programme and participants are expected to attend all 8 sessions. 

*This is a subsidized cost courtesy of the Howick Softball Club*

See link for the Academy Booklet for more information.

Contact Stefanie at if you have any questions.